Disclaimer: Do not take things seriously and also please note that these stories are all FANFICS. If you must know the title of this blog should explain you what you are about to read.

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M: Alam mo nung niyakap mo ako parang naipit yata yung microphone in between us. Natusok tuloy ako.

A suddenly turned red and touched his ears with eyes shut.

A: Ah uhm……. oo nga eh. Uhm, naipit yung microphone.

M: Ok ka lang ba?

A: Ok lang. Happy nga ako eh. Ikaw ok ka lang?

M: Oo naman.

That night in M’s room.

M: Mag team replay nga ako.

Saw the hugging scene and suddenly noticed that A’s microphone was clearly shown behind her. Then suddenly something sinked in.


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Text Text 3

A: Miss na miss kita, bakit ganun?

M: Ako din sobrang miss kita.

A: Sorry kung hindi ako nakaabot.

M: Ok lang. Pahinga ka din kapag may time.

A: Alam mo kung malungkot ka, mas malungkot ako. Hindi na talaga ako sanay na hindi kita nakikita kahit sa screen lang.

M sends a picture of her with kissing lips gesture.

M: Ayan para hindi mo ako masyadong mamiss.

A: Regardless miss na miss pa rin kita eh. Na stuck ka na sa mind ko all the time.

M: Parang breakfast, lunch and dinner? Lol.

A: Kasama pati brunch, merienda and dessert.

M: Whatcha gon…Whatcha gon do with that dessert. Lol.

A: Yung picture mo parang “Girl you know I miss you, I just wanna kiss you But I can’t right now so baby kiss me thru the phone, I’ll see you later on.”

M: Dubsmash via text pa rin? Lol

A: Pero eto ang totoo kahit hindi na i-dubsmash. “God gave me you to show me what’s real There’s more to life than just how I feel. And all that I’m worth is right before my eyes. And all that I live for though I didn’t know why, Now I do, ’cause God gave me you”

A: Meng?

M: Yes Den?

A: “Hintayin mo ako ha.”

She clearly knows what he meant. She sighs and whispers “Sa malapit na panahon.”

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Text Text 2

A: Ang ganda mo kanina.
M: Kanina lang?
A: Araw araw naman, kaya lang iba yung kanina.
M: Ikaw din naman ang cute mo kanina. Kitang kita muscles mo. Flexing much?
A: Kala ko di mo mapapansin eh. Gusto ko lang pantayan yung kagandahan mo kanina.
M: Kahit naman hindi ka na mag effort. Hihihi
A: Hindi, bakit sobrang ganda mo kanina.
M: Ano sa tingin mo?
A: In love?
M: Ikaw bakit ganun muscles mo?
A: Bakit ayaw mo sagutin tanong ko?
M: What do you want to hear ba?
A: Na in love ka na……. sa akin.
M: Ikaw ba in love ka na sa akin?
A: Bawal ba?
M: So in love ka na nga?
A: I will tell you.
Follow up text.
A: Malapit na ang panahon.
M: Kainis ka.
A: Maine…
M: Yes?
A: Can you promise me something?
M: Ano yun?
A: That you will not fall in love with someone else.
M: Pahinga ka na.

She just smiled and turns off the phone using her pinky finger.

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Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Knocks at the car window.

A: Can I come in?


M: Uhm, ok.

Nagkatitigan. Longer than expected.

Suddenly M giggles. And just then A leans for a kiss. Lips met. A brush.


A: Aahh sorry. Hindi ko napigilan.

M: …. (Brush lang?)

A: Ok ka lang b…

Without hesitation and without letting him finished his sentence, M kisses A, deeper this time. 1..2..3

Then she pushed him back.

M: Go! Baka…

She smiled and made a pabebe wave and quickly shut the car door.

M & A: Shit.

M: Kuya Driver, wala kang nakita ha.

(This is just a teaser story. Medyo matagal bago ako nakasulat ulit. I’ll be better once I get the hang of it ulit. Aldub you all!)

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Call call

Suddenly she realized something.

Dials A’s phone number.

A: Yes?

M: As much as I want, you can’t. You will miss your flight.

A: Fine, but can you pull over on the next gasoline station?

M: Huh? Why?

A: Basta.

At the gasoline station.

Dial A’s number again.

M: I’m here.

A: Ok, wait.

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Text Text

Texting after the show.

A: I really wanted to see you before I go to Cebu.
M: Talaga? Me too.
A: Uhm, you want to meet?
M: Bawal di ba?
A: Hindi naman tayo papakita sa public eh.
M: How?
A: Bulacan?
M: Now?
A: Yes now.
M: Ok! I guess, see you later?
A: Naka convoy ako sa likod mo.

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Sorry natagalan. Pagpasensyahan ninyo na muna ito. 

Thank you also for all the wonderful messages. Mwaaah! 



He scooped her closer and went on top of her.

She felt his hard manhood. Both froze.

He lift his head and look at her intently.

Maya: (Are we really doing this? Am I ready?)

She thought looking back at him.

Ricky: (Yeah, I am all set)

Maya: (Aaaaeeeiiiii O….ok)

He cupped her face and kissed her, passionately this time.



And whispers..

Ricky: I love you so much Maya.

And then kissed her again.

This is it there is no turning back, Maya thought.

She started caressing the nape of his neck.

With that he unconsciously moved his hand to her bossom. Both jolted.

Ricky: Sorry Maya.

She smiled then placed his hand back to her bossom.

Maya: I am yours di ba? I trust you.

He smiled then started caressing her nipples.

Ricky: So I guess you are not ticklish here as well.

Maya: Ah ganun, ikaw tingnan natin.

Then she pinched both of his nipples.

Ricky: Awww!

Both laughed.

Ricky: Ganun? Ok let’s see.

He kneeled on top of her and took off his shirt.

Maya: Aaaeeeii. (blushes)

Ricky: O bakit namumula ka?

She just covered her mouth clueless of what to say.

Ricky: Tingnan nga natin kung anong part pa ang namumula.

Then he lifted her shirt. Shyly she tried to cover her top.

Ricky: No Maya, you don’t cover such beauty.

Then kisses her again.

He then started unbuttoning her pants. She let it.

Ricky: Maya, whatever I do, I want you to trust me, ok?

All she can do was nod. He smiled.

He kissed her forehead and at that, she felt assured that
everything will be fine.

Then he went lower, little kisses to her cheeks, nose, ears,
neck. His hand went from her legs up to her back to unbotton
her bra.

He started kissing the newly freed breasts softly but hungrily. She jerked from the sensation.

Startled he gave her a questionable look.

Maya: May kilti ako dyan.

Ricky: Don’t worry tatanggalin ko yung kiliti.

Maya: Huh?

Then he went down again and sucked her breasts this time.


While so, his hand went underneath her panties and between her thighs.

Maya: Ricky!

Ricky: Sssshhhhh.

He felt her already wet. His finger travelled aimlessly
between her thighs until he felt what he was looking for.

Maya: Oh My God!

He started carressing her bud.

Open-mouthedly shock at the sensation she gripped Ricky’s

He took the opportunity to slip his toungue on her mouth.

Maya head was exploding with the new things she was
introduced to.

The sensation of his hot toungue on her mouth and the finger
carressing her bud was just too much.

Moaning was the only sound escaping from her now.

She reached her climax gripping Ricky’s arms. It left marks
on him.

Without waiting for her recovery, he took off his pants and
widened her legs apart about to enter her.

Ricky: This will hurt a bit ok?

Still in shocked, she…

And then he slowly, gently entered her.

Maya: Ricky!

She grips his hair, eyes squeezed shut as she felt that big, manly thing being inserted on her.

She felt the pain immediately.


That somehow hardened him more.

Then he thrusted slowly, adjusting to her comfortability.

Every thrusts causes pain. Until she started moaning that is a signal he took to go deeper and somewhat faster.

Loud moans escaped her almost screaming.

She was getting another orgasm.

Maya: RICKY!

He covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming more.

And then she came.

But he is not done yet, so he thrusts faster and deeper.

The sound of a squeaking bed can be heard outside their room until it subsided.

He came….. and gave it all to her.

For five years of being celibate, now to this wonderful moment with her.

Panting, all he could say was..

Ricky: I love you Maya.

Maya: I love you more Mahal ko.

So that’s what it was. She thought to herself.

Both closed their eyes with smile on their faces.




The next morning.

Kute: Oh bunso… GOOD MOANIN! Nyahahaha




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