Hi there!

This blog is mostly about FANFICS of Maya and Sir Chief of the TV show “Be Careful with My Heart”, mostly SPG, but can contain random musings, rants, inspirations etc. etc. This blog is also known asΒ “The Naughty Side of Maya and Sir Chief”.


Yes, for those who read Excess Baggage, I am under author name : SaraSidle.

A very proud member of KBU pex.

Also please be reminded that I am not perfect, you may see some grammatical errors, typos and such. Some are written using an iPad so please spare me the BS of you being perfect.

The purpose of this blog is for the enjoyment of adiks of BCWMH.



This site also offers Fanfics of “Richard” and “Yaya”. Again, fanfics.



22 Responses to About

  1. Bong says:

    I hope coming soon na ang continuation ng Sleepover (Mansion version) and Sick Leave….. Thanx for sharing with ‘addicts’ your masterpieces!!!

  2. charmtaz24 says:

    ASAN KA NA?!!! TIGANG NA AKO!!! hahahahahahaha!

  3. Isabel says:

    Good job! Keep it coming.

  4. charmtaz24 says:

    I like the new name! the best side is always the Naughty Side? hahahahahaha!

  5. Bong says:

    Na-iintriga ako dun sa secret library … (Hushed) ???? Pwede ba maambunan mo ako ng link? Hhmmmm please please (Abby’s mode) ……Thanx in advance!

  6. Nefertiry says:

    Csizoe next chapters na sa ibang stories mo here, pretty please! Although, ok din kung ang susundan mo at dudugtungan mo ay yung sa “white blanket.”

    (S)exciting kasi masyado the way you tell a story, eh! So whichever story ang dugtungan mo o gumawa ka man ng isang stand alone o another series, I am sure it would be as good if not better than your previous masterpieces.

  7. frances says:

    ms sarah,
    musta na po? baket wala ng update dito pati sa parallel universe? busy mode lang? πŸ™‚ miss na miss ko na mga stories mo… everyday ako nag checheck kung may bago ng post. huhu

  8. Virgie says:

    I have visit a few times and read the player but not after that…now I am reading your naughty side blog it’s hilarious…πŸ˜„ are we going to see a new one from you…love your site and probably other adiks who love humorous story…short but fun…looking forward for new ones

  9. Carmen says:

    For the 4th time, please provide the PW for LY,LM, Chapter 43. It would be well appreciated. Email: crmnweiss@yahoo.com. Again, thanks a lot and keep your stories coming. Can’t get enough of it!

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