Disclaimer: Do not take things seriously and also please note that these stories are all FANFICS. If you must know the title of this blog should explain you what you are about to read.

(#LatePost #HalloweenEpisode)

M: Alam mo nung niyakap mo ako parang naipit yata yung microphone in between us. Natusok tuloy ako.

A suddenly turned red and touched his ears with eyes shut.

A: Ah uhm……. oo nga eh. Uhm, naipit yung microphone.

M: Ok ka lang ba?

A: Ok lang. Happy nga ako eh. Ikaw ok ka lang?

M: Oo naman.

That night in M’s room.

M: Mag team replay nga ako.

Saw the hugging scene and suddenly noticed that A’s microphone was clearly shown behind her. Then suddenly something sinked in.


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3 Responses to Happy

  1. myrnavp says:

    hahahaha….i saw that….i watched that on tv last saturday…hahahhaha love it!!! more more pls? thank you! God bless!

  2. lirahc2014 says:

    talagang naughty ha…

  3. hihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihihi

    ayan ang tawa ng dalagang filipina!

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