Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

Knocks at the car window.

A: Can I come in?


M: Uhm, ok.

Nagkatitigan. Longer than expected.

Suddenly M giggles. And just then A leans for a kiss. Lips met. A brush.


A: Aahh sorry. Hindi ko napigilan.

M: …. (Brush lang?)

A: Ok ka lang b…

Without hesitation and without letting him finished his sentence, M kisses A, deeper this time. 1..2..3

Then she pushed him back.

M: Go! Baka…

She smiled and made a pabebe wave and quickly shut the car door.

M & A: Shit.

M: Kuya Driver, wala kang nakita ha.

(This is just a teaser story. Medyo matagal bago ako nakasulat ulit. I’ll be better once I get the hang of it ulit. Aldub you all!)

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3 Responses to Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang

  1. hanahrainy says:

    Thanks sis. Will wait for your next post.

  2. myrnavp says:

    all i can say is….WOW!!! i am totally loss for words….simple lang pero…bakit ganun? sobra sobrang kilig…i cant get over it….i read it 3x and have the same result hahhahaha hanubeyen!!!! thank you….when is the next??? i love u always csizoe for making ur readers happy….salamuch tlaga!! more more begging u pls? God bless….always!

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