Sorry natagalan. Pagpasensyahan ninyo na muna ito. 

Thank you also for all the wonderful messages. Mwaaah! 



He scooped her closer and went on top of her.

She felt his hard manhood. Both froze.

He lift his head and look at her intently.

Maya: (Are we really doing this? Am I ready?)

She thought looking back at him.

Ricky: (Yeah, I am all set)

Maya: (Aaaaeeeiiiii O….ok)

He cupped her face and kissed her, passionately this time.



And whispers..

Ricky: I love you so much Maya.

And then kissed her again.

This is it there is no turning back, Maya thought.

She started caressing the nape of his neck.

With that he unconsciously moved his hand to her bossom. Both jolted.

Ricky: Sorry Maya.

She smiled then placed his hand back to her bossom.

Maya: I am yours di ba? I trust you.

He smiled then started caressing her nipples.

Ricky: So I guess you are not ticklish here as well.

Maya: Ah ganun, ikaw tingnan natin.

Then she pinched both of his nipples.

Ricky: Awww!

Both laughed.

Ricky: Ganun? Ok let’s see.

He kneeled on top of her and took off his shirt.

Maya: Aaaeeeii. (blushes)

Ricky: O bakit namumula ka?

She just covered her mouth clueless of what to say.

Ricky: Tingnan nga natin kung anong part pa ang namumula.

Then he lifted her shirt. Shyly she tried to cover her top.

Ricky: No Maya, you don’t cover such beauty.

Then kisses her again.

He then started unbuttoning her pants. She let it.

Ricky: Maya, whatever I do, I want you to trust me, ok?

All she can do was nod. He smiled.

He kissed her forehead and at that, she felt assured that
everything will be fine.

Then he went lower, little kisses to her cheeks, nose, ears,
neck. His hand went from her legs up to her back to unbotton
her bra.

He started kissing the newly freed breasts softly but hungrily. She jerked from the sensation.

Startled he gave her a questionable look.

Maya: May kilti ako dyan.

Ricky: Don’t worry tatanggalin ko yung kiliti.

Maya: Huh?

Then he went down again and sucked her breasts this time.


While so, his hand went underneath her panties and between her thighs.

Maya: Ricky!

Ricky: Sssshhhhh.

He felt her already wet. His finger travelled aimlessly
between her thighs until he felt what he was looking for.

Maya: Oh My God!

He started carressing her bud.

Open-mouthedly shock at the sensation she gripped Ricky’s

He took the opportunity to slip his toungue on her mouth.

Maya head was exploding with the new things she was
introduced to.

The sensation of his hot toungue on her mouth and the finger
carressing her bud was just too much.

Moaning was the only sound escaping from her now.

She reached her climax gripping Ricky’s arms. It left marks
on him.

Without waiting for her recovery, he took off his pants and
widened her legs apart about to enter her.

Ricky: This will hurt a bit ok?

Still in shocked, she…

And then he slowly, gently entered her.

Maya: Ricky!

She grips his hair, eyes squeezed shut as she felt that big, manly thing being inserted on her.

She felt the pain immediately.


That somehow hardened him more.

Then he thrusted slowly, adjusting to her comfortability.

Every thrusts causes pain. Until she started moaning that is a signal he took to go deeper and somewhat faster.

Loud moans escaped her almost screaming.

She was getting another orgasm.

Maya: RICKY!

He covered her mouth to prevent her from screaming more.

And then she came.

But he is not done yet, so he thrusts faster and deeper.

The sound of a squeaking bed can be heard outside their room until it subsided.

He came….. and gave it all to her.

For five years of being celibate, now to this wonderful moment with her.

Panting, all he could say was..

Ricky: I love you Maya.

Maya: I love you more Mahal ko.

So that’s what it was. She thought to herself.

Both closed their eyes with smile on their faces.




The next morning.

Kute: Oh bunso… GOOD MOANIN! Nyahahaha




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23 Responses to GO

  1. Nanette says:

    Yes sarah good moaning ang happy hornymoon… Hihihi

  2. paupau14 says:

    BOOM! finally GO na! good moanin’ all.. xD hahahaha thanks sa update prof. now to re read it with ” ready get set go!” xD

  3. tickler004 says:

    ang hot nung scene eehh tas nung kinabukasan
    LAUGHTRIP kay KUTE hahaha!!

  4. rbb says:

    Ay bitin! Next na please

  5. roxygirl5 says:

    So to pala ang nangyari pagkatapos mahulog nga bag 🙂

  6. kiten says:

    bagsak na ang bag yehey!!! haha ay naku maya hahanap hanapin mo na yan 😉 parang paghanap hanap din ng kasunod nito 😉 ikaw na talaga prof!

  7. myrnavp says:

    hahahaha…salamat Ms. Sara….as i was telling Ms. Kris….i was disappointed sa napanood ko….as in bitin na bitin….and yesterday at work till i got home….i was disappointed na wala man lang updates ang mga iniintay/inaabangan kong mga fanfics…sbi ko nga baka busy sa pagsusulat mga favorite writers ko….i knew everyone’s disappointed at gusto dito sa wordpress bumawi………thank u talga!!! God bless!

  8. myrnavp says:

    ayun….when i imagine what happened again…atlis clear na…mas maliwanag kesa ung sa napanood ko hehe….i know what to imagine on how it happened or how maya gave her most treasured to chard hah!! thanks ms. sara….God bless!

  9. enfumiao30 says:

    panalo s bati si kute.. 😀

  10. kicai says:

    Mas Gusto yung greet ni Kute!! wagas!

  11. rmqcherrera says:

    prof! to ang hinahanap ng mga Crayola Girls. ang step by step na nangyari after nahulog ang mahiwagang bag…

    so hot and sexy… kaw na talaga!


  12. cupcakeadik says:

    GOod Morning sis!!! Nabuhay ang thursday ko. Tanggal antok.

  13. Dinig na dinig ang MOANIN sa kabilang kwarto! Napuyat din ata si Kute! Nice one Ms.Sara!!!

  14. Cyndi Resti says:

    Thank you for this 😀 😀 😀

  15. charmtaz24 says:

    hahahahahaha! GOOD MOANIN!!!!

  16. piabennett says:

    Sorry late ako
    But for sure AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH lang talaga masasabi ko
    Basangbasa talaga Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 😀

  17. Kat says:

    BOOM! Isang malupit na pasabog ni Ms Sara!

    Kaw na tlaga!!! 🙂

  18. D says:

    OMGEE! Why now ko lang nakita nag update ka pala! I LOVE IT!!! The mahinhin is BACK! THAAAAAAANKKKKKSSSSSS!!!

  19. Kitikat says:

    Did u ever post a sleepover 2.0? 😊

  20. jamejhen says:

    hello po kelan po ky mappost ung sleepover 2.0? ty po

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