Sorry it took a while. Eto na lang muna. This comes in 3 parts.


Ricky: Let’s go to bed.

Shyly she sat uncomfortably on the side of the bed.

Ricky: Ok ka lang?

Maya: Huh? Oo naman, ok lang ako.

Ricky: Mukhang tense ka? (teasing her)

Maya: Uhm, hindi ..hindi.. uhm.. Baka ikaw? Uhm… Gusto mo ba ng kape? Pagtimpla kita.

Ricky: No. I don’t want coffee Maya. Come here. Lapit ka pa.

Trying to scoop her from the side of the bed.

Maya: Ah ano…

Ricky: Huh? Uhm, O gusto mo ako na lang lumapit?

Without waiting for an answer, he sealed their gap. He was so close she can feel him breathing.

Maya: (Ambango talaga ng asawa ko)

She thought.

Ricky: But you know what I really want?

Maya: Ano?

He leaned to Maya kissing her ears and whispered.

Ricky: You.

Eyes widened all she could do is laugh nervously and
tapped his arms.

Maya: Ano ka ba!

Ricky: Ready ka na ba?

Maya: …. (Lord help me please)

And then he whispered to her…

Ricky: Ang tagal ko kayang hinintay nito.

Maya: (Aaeeeiii ito na to!)

She closed her eyes shut.

Ricky then sniffs her hair and kisses her on her cheeks

Ricky: Hmmm, ang bango bango naman ng Misis ko.

Maya started getting goosebumps with what Ricky is doing to her.

Maya: Ricky! (blushes) Ano ka ba! Nakikiliti ako!

Ricky: Saan ka ba walang kiliti? Doon na lang kita kiss!

She gasps.

Maya: Ricky ha! Marami akong kiliti. Hihihi

Ricky: Sige nga, i-test ko nga lahat ng kiliti mo para alam ko.

Maya: Ricky!

Ricky: Hmmm saan kaya? Dito?

He kissed her on her neck.

Maya: Aaeeeii hihi huwag diyan.

Ricky: Dito?

He kissed her on her ears.

Maya: Aaeeeii Ano ba? hihihi

Ricky: Dito?

He kissed her on her lips.

Ricky: Aaaah, walang kiliti sa lips. Sige dito muna kita i-kiss.

He kissed her on the lips again. It took longer than usual. She can now feel the wetness of his lips. He was kissing her now with great intensity.

She broke it off as she needed to breathe.

Maya: Uhm, ano kasi.

Ricky: Relax Maya, I know you are nervous so I want you to relax. Do not overthink things. Just go with the flow ok?

Maya took a deep breath.

Maya: Uhm,, gagawin ba talaga natin ito dito? Nakakahiya kay Nanay at Kute. Baka marinig tayo!

Ricky: Bakit maingay ka ba?


She was caught off guard.

Ricky: But don’t worry. I’ll be quite promise! (naughty smile)

Shocked she doesn’t know what to say.

Ricky: You know what will be good for you to relax?

Maya: Ano?

Ricky: You want a massage?

Thinking that might delay the inevitable, she agreed.

He positioned her in front of him, her back facing him. Then he started rubbing her shoulder blades.

Finally Maya realizes how tired she is. She closed her eyes savoring the great pressure of Ricky’s palms.

Maya: Hmmmmm…

Ricky curved an eyebrow.

Ricky: I can see you are liking it.

Maya: Hmm?

He smiled.

Then he started kissing her neck. She caught that, but by some force she let it. It gave her a different sensation.

She started arching her neck unintentionally giving Ricky more access.

He licked her neck and that made Maya screamed.

Maya: Ricky!

Ricky: Shhhhhhhhhh! Baka marinig tayo ni Nanay at Kute baka sabihin kung ano ginagawa ko sa iyo.

He can see Maya turning red. Burning red!

He bit his lips.

Maya: Ikaw kasi eh. May ginagawa ka naman talaga eh.

Ricky: Anong bang ginawa ko?

Maya: Nag ma-ang maangan pa to!

All he could do was smile with her cuteness.

Ricky: I love you.

Maya: Ayan, tapos dadaanin mo ako sa mga “I love you” mo.

Ricky: Di ba iyon naman ang ginagawa natin ngayon.. making love. (he teases)

Maya: Uhm… Ricky.. Magagalit ka ba kung….

Ricky interrupted her.

Ricky: If you think you are not ready yet, you can tell me. I am willing to wait.

Maya: Talaga?

Ricky: Yes. But… not that long Maya. I have NEEDS you know.


That word echoed in her head.

Ricky: Let’s sleep. I know you are tired. I will let you get away tonight. Just for tonight. As I said I can’t wait that long. If you are lucky, baka hindi ko rin mapigilan mamaya…

He winked and lay on his back.


She lay on the bed facing him.

Maya: Thank you. I love you.

Ricky: Do not thank me yet Maya. Sisingilin kita dito.

He said to her jokingly. But damn on his mind, he was serious. So serious he make sure she will never forget.

Maya can only blush and think of the horror of what he meant by “SINGIL”.

He hugged her and closed his eyes.


To be continued with “Get Set”

 (Pardon for any grammar lapses, it’s been a long time) Mwah!


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24 Responses to READY

  1. welcome back sis! Its really been a looooooooooooonnnnnng while….. But needless to say – the BEST is yet to come. So deliriously waiting for “Get Set” and “Go”!!!!! Thanks!

    • csizoe says:

      aww thanks. im writing it na. sana matapos ko tomorrow. hindi ko napigilan ang kilig sa mga nakikita ko. hahahaha

      i know this story is not what people might expect but don’t worry, nag wa-warm up lang ako… tagal na kasi eh…

  2. charmtaz24 says:


    sa wakas!!! ang cute nitong first part!

  3. seattlepinay says:

    Great to see your creative work again. Keep em coming please. No pun intended there. 😉

  4. Nina says:


    You and your naughty mind is so back!!!!!

    This is where it all started!!! We miss you prof!!!

    Goodness gracious!! Mainit init pa!!

  5. fishkeeper03 says:

    Namiss kita Prof. Buti na lang di mo napigilan ang kilig mo. Eto na ang panahon na lunod na lunod na ang lahat ang adik sa PU.

  6. piaseohyun says:

    This is it Let’s go and AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
    Thanks prof welcome back AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH energy energy na weeeeeeee

  7. And you are sooooo baaaaackk!!!
    Eto na yun! Ang pinakahihintay ng lahat…thankie!!
    We miss you Prof!

  8. Cyndi Resti says:

    This is FAB!!! Finally, I get to read your work again 😀 😀 😀

  9. paupau14 says:

    WEEEEEEELCOME BAAAAAAAAACK PROF!!! xD finally got to read your stories again.. I was super excited when i saw it.. hihihihihi

  10. marie0626 says:

    OMG! You’re back. Thank you!!!!

  11. myrnavp says:

    hello….i used to read ur works sa EB before i discorver wordpress…i love ur works in fact i have bookmarked that pra whenever i want to reread i can….pero sabi nga nila….matagal tagal ka ding nawala….its good to see ur “hot” stories again….thank u! and hope i can read again later the next phase of the “first night” of Mr & Mrs Lim…..God bless!

  12. chuwie966 says:

    OMG!! Same as the teaser for Thursday ang cute ni Maya and SC can’t wait for the next chapter PLEASE!!!

  13. rocsan888 says:

    Miss you big time! Ms sara!

  14. RMR61 says:

    nyemas naman ang gara lang ng pagbabalik ni Prof Sara! super miss ka ng sangka-adikan!
    nagbalik na rin ba si mrs_acc? so can we expect a back to back treat? LOL

    level up na talaga ang kilig! Welcome back Prof!

  15. purplephoenix says:

    isang tawang mahinhin kasunod ang “welcome baaaack”.. na miss kita prof… 😉

  16. weng says:

    ang cute.
    welcome back. next part na pls. 😀

  17. goldstreaks7 says:

    yeheyyyyy!!! you are back…buhay na naman ang blog na eto 🙂

  18. kiten says:

    yey welcome back ms sara!! our long wait is over !! at wala ka pa ding kupas ha, umpisa na naman ng maiinit at nakakagigl na storya ni maya at richard 😉

  19. abby says:

    nice to have you back ms. sara! For awhile this site has been cold but now that you’re back…’s getting hot again.

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