I know many people are asking for my well being. I am fine, it’s just that my new job is too demanding and I am adjusting myself for the past two weeks. I will try to find time to write when I can. I met with some beautiful people of KBUPex recently and ang pressure lol! So I am very much aware. I will make bawi, promise.

EHEM girls, intay intay lang.

As the saying goes, “Patience is a virgin” ^_^





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20 Responses to Hihihi

  1. paupau14 says:

    ^__^ hihihihi.. hello po.. im just here to say hi.. so hi.. hihihihi..

  2. purplephoenix says:

    wow truelily ba ang nakikita ko sa notification ko. isang tawang mahinhin muna (hihihihi!)

    we miss you so much and glad to know you are okay …

    ayan mabubuhay na muli ang kabilang mundo. hihihih! 😉

  3. cupcakeadik says:

    OMG! My super pink gosh at ginawa talaga. Ikaw na! Excited sa mga next post mo sis!
    Love yah!

  4. RMR61 says:

    nu bhe hindi na ko virgin kaya dedma sa PATIENCE!!!! LOL
    t’was meeting you sis! (sumagot kasi sabi beautiful people daw eh) CHOS!

  5. Hannngggg tagal naman nyan hehe

  6. ayra says:

    hello prof.sara.Nice Meeting yoU……soo excited for ure new story.take care too,,,,,

  7. charmtaz24 says:

    gusto ko alone yung EHEM na yun! hehehe… pero don’t worry… i’m patience! hihihihih

  8. Betchay says:

    OMG you are back,,,,. . Seeing TNS is a sight for my sore eyes. Will be waiting. Good to know you are fine.

  9. Hihihi…hindi ako nakasali sa nag pressure sa iyo =)
    Yes! PATIENCE is really a VIRGIN ^_^
    Congratulations on your new job prof!

  10. Alpha says:

    Good to hear from you Ms.Sara. Goodluck on your new job & welcome back to all of us here in TNS&PU.

  11. SweetLemon says:

    Hahaha! Bet ko yung “Patience is a virgin.”

  12. Kat says:

    good to know ur ok.. no pressure! lol.

  13. ricci927 says:

    Yay! Prof Sara. Miss you na!

  14. tess sykes says:

    Where can i find the next chapters of status update

  15. merlion of singapore says:

    Bakit wala n po kayong mga nee stories? I hope i can read new stories from you! Tnx!

  16. paupau14 says:

    hmm.. bkit wla pa pong update?? miss ko na bshin ung mga stories mo Prof.

    (ung iba paulit ulit ko nlng binabasa pag bored hihihihihi..)

  17. myrnavp says:

    hello Sara! i love your kasabihan…dami kong tawa….galing galing talaga….i am one of ur avid fan…i love ur style of writing…wlang kiyeme….parang direct to the point? ganun!!! more more pls pati yung kna SC and Maya pls continue writing abt them? love both pati ung bago mo (A&M)? more more!! God bless!!!

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