Kasi taken na yung Wasted. Pero hinihiram ko lang yung title kay spicyjjamppong. Sana ay mapatawad niya ako dito. Hihihi ^_^ Pero dedicated ko ito kay spicyjjamppong.
Scene: Happened after Maya broke up SC.
SC was driving home, angry at everything. He committed two traffic violations already, beating the red light” and “cutting”. He doesn’t care. Unfortunately there was no MMDA personnel on the site so he just continued driving.
“Ayokong masayang lahat ang pinaghirapan mo. Ayokong bumalik kayo sa dati…”
“Mas makakabuti para sa iyo at sa mga anak mong maghiwalay muna tayo.”
Her voice still echoed in his head.
SC: This is unacceptable!
With that, he turned his car to a nearby bar.
For the first time in years, he will drink to ease the pain. He wanted to feel numb when he gets home.
SC: Jack and Coke, and keep it coming.
He said to the bartender.
5 shots later.
He decided to go back to her place.
He drove back to Maya’s condo and went straight to her floor.
A loud banging was heard.
She opened the door.
Maya: O kala ko umuwi ka na? Ano ginagawa mo dito? Amoy alak ka? Uminom ka SC?!
SC: Konti lang.
Inamoy amoy ni Maya si SC.
Maya: Konti lang? Eh ayan amoy na amoy alak ka ah.
Inamoy amoy naman ni SC si Maya.
SC: Ikaw naman ang bango bango mo. Amoy chico. Dapat yata ako ang tumawag sa iyo ng “chico” kasi amoy kang chico. Hihihi Hik. Paamoy mo pa nga.
Sabay halik sa leeg ni Maya.
Maya: SC! Lasing ka na.
SC: Alam mo, hindi tayo pwedeng magbreak ok? Hindi ako papayag. The answer is no! Ok? Hihihi hik.
Niyakap ni SC si Maya.
SC: Bagong ligo ka ano? Ang bango bango mo talaga. Sa amoy mo yata ako nalasing eh. Hihihi hik
Maya: Ah eh, oo nag shower ako kasi matutulog na sana ako eh.
SC: Aahhh, o di sige, tulog na tayo! Hihihi hik
Maya: SC ha!
SC: O kung gusto mo doon tayo sa kwarto mo. Doon tayo mag amuyan. Hihihi
Maya: SC ha! Nakuuu paano ba ito, hindi naman pwedeng umuwi ito at baka ma accidente pa. Hindi naman ako marunong magdrive. Nakuuuu. >_<
Worried, she guided SC to the sofa.
Maya: Dito ka na matulog para makapagpahi…..
Wrong move. When she guided SC to lay him on the sofa, he grabbed her causing her to be on top of him.
SC took that opportunity to hold her face and kissed her on the lips.
She was in between shock and delight , she can’t move. She have been dreaming about this. Her kissing SC. 
An arousal formed. She can’t help it. That delicious lips on hers, kissing her passionately was a bliss, but logic took over.
She broke the kiss, but then SC started sucking and licking her neck.
Maya: Oh God!
Her arms were getting weak from the pleasure of SC’s tongue.
She tried to stand up but SC followed her neck so SC is now sitting while she was straddling on him.
Maya: SC stop please! Lasing ka lang. Please sto..
But SC kissed her again with his hand grabbing her right bosoms. 
SC: I can’t stop. You are intoxicating.
A moan escaped from Maya and she quickly realized it so she tried to pushed him. But he was too strong, horny and drunk no one can stop him already.
He slid his hand beneath her blouse and bra and caressed her nipples.
Maya arched her neck from pleasure.
Maya: SC huwag, huwag…..
His other hand slid between her thighs and found her precious bud. She was already wet. 
Maya: SC! 
Never in her 25 years she felt this kind of pleasure. She can’t explain it. 
Panting, she hugged him tightly enjoying his strokes on her.
Another moan was heard from her.
Rationality, fear and anxiety went out of the window. She…Both were in point of no return.
Trembling she  bucks her hips and reached her first climax.
Maya: SC!!
Tears fell from her eyes but she laughed. 
Something inside her now awakened.
And then she whispered to his ear.
Maya:  SC…. doon tayo sa kwarto.
He was washed by her words so she quickly carried her to her bedroom and undressed her.
He took off his pants and guided himself to enter her slowly.
She was so tight.
Maya: SC!
SC: Maya!
It hurt. It bleed.
SC: You are mine now. Mine only.
He had to adjust his pace because of her tightness. It was her first time after all.
And then ecstasy. Her nails dug on his skin as that was all she could do to hang on and to keep herself from going insane.
And with a final thrusts, both exploded.
Sated, he rested on top of her and started caressing her.
SC: I love you.
He whispered.
She pulled him closer and hugged him tightly.
 Both closed their eyes.
He woke up all sweaty and his heart pounding. It was only a dream.
The disappointment on his face on the moment of realization.
SC: Nooooo! Akala ko……… Aaarrggghh!
Determined, he texted her.
SC: I will see you tonight.
 Note: Sorry for grammar lapses, will try to edit this tomorrow. Thanks. ^_^
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53 Responses to Weysted

  1. Ricci says:

    Prof, mukhang inspired tayo ngayon ah… Hihihi… Ok tong spoof title – ***** 5 stars for hotness.

    Next dream sequence ba is both of them woke up participating in the same dream, tapos tinu totohanan na nila… ? Yay!

  2. purplephoenix says:

    sabi ko bakit page down page down uli. naku naku wet dreams ito ay sweet dreams pala. hihihi! susunod baka masama na ako sa dream nila (referee ang peg).

    yung next na sequence tabi silang natutulog at mananaginip ng the same. tapos itutuloy nila ang dream nila. wiiii…. hihihi!

  3. Frances says:

    Waaah! Wet dream again? Sumaket puson ko……. sa kakatawa 🙂

  4. precious says:

    dream na naman? hihihi. i love the concept… kala ko pa naman totoo na… hihihi… congrats sis. Ü

  5. charmtaz24 says:

    nyahahahahahahahahaha!!! ay churri! hihihihihihihihihi! na-hopia si SC!

    • precious says:

      is this the romantic version sis? whats romantic there kung dream lang naman pala?

      sorry ha? if i offended you, but, i guess, its the writer in me complaining eh…

      • charmtaz24 says:

        well, what happened was somehow romantic… though it was a dream, it was the content of the dream that’s more romantic than what was at Maya’s dream… 🙂 dun sya na-base… 🙂

  6. Cyn cynch says:

    AGAIN????? Ahahahahahahah….laugh trip…thanks 🙂

  7. nanette says:

    alam mo girl, after reading all your stories on this site dami ko na baon when we leave …. hi hi …

  8. Alpha says:

    HAHAHA! Nakangiti nko towards the end, esp. dun sa pa-scroll down na. Im sure may karugtong ito dahil dun sa “il see u tonight” text ni SC kay Maya girl. Sabi nga ng isang kanta…’bakit di pa totohanin ang lahat?’ 🙂

  9. hanah6181 says:

    Ayyyyyy, another dream, this time si SC naman. I am waiting for the next encounter. Kasi di ba Pareho na silang nag dream? So, expectation ( expectation daw o) eh, may gaga win sila to “address” their dreams: hi,hi,hi. 🙂 Natuto na rin akong tumawa ng mahinhin.

  10. kuriring01 says:

    Ayyy, wait ko yang ” I’ll see u tonight”na yan! Pde ng gawing title yan! Hihihi…

  11. Kawawa naman si SC…hopia pa din!! Pagbigyan mo na!!! Next na!!!! 🙂

  12. paupau14 says:

    again ms naughty sara panira tlga ung “it was only a dream..”

    anyways another story that made my day.. 🙂

  13. Jen says:

    Anoberr? Bakit lagi lng silang nananaginip? Hahaha feeling ko d matitiis ni ms sara na d gawing reality ung panaginip nila 🙂

  14. gianni.. says:

    waaahh!!..panaginip lang ulit…at si ser chief naman ngayon hahaha!! sa susunod eh dapat totohanan na ha!! wait ko talaga yan see u tonight na yan 😀

  15. abby says:

    SC is determine to see MAYA tonight. Angel Sara, it”s your job to make his “dream” come true Tonight the world of Maya and Sir Chief will be wild and bright….yes! yes! yes!

  16. Honeydew says:

    Panaginip na naman? Lol……..Kailan ba talaga magising ang lovers? Please Sara, parang awa mo na. Hahaha Totohanin na yan.
    ….ako na yata ang susunod na managinip. Lol. Juskho!:))

  17. chobangs says:


    kelan magkakatotoo ang lahat ng panaginip na ito!!??

    pag may scroll down kinakabahan ako ..

  18. Pink15 says:

    Hahahaha… Nabasa sa sobrang gigil…😁

  19. Christine says:

    Nahawa na din yata si Ser Chief sa tawang mahinhin mo Ms Sara :)) Napa “don’t tell me it’s just a dream again” nung nakita ko yung mahabang pause. Yun na nga dream din pala! Kaloka hahaha

  20. mhaihattori says:

    sabi ko na nga…sa mahabang pause na yun hahaha…sis kailan ba yan magigingreality?whewwwwwwwww pati ako wet……wet na wet sa

    pawis………………….gayahin ka daw hahaha

  21. msmay says:

    hihihi naughty ka talaga ms sara, but…i love it 🙂 ganda!!! next ba reality na?! hihihi 🙂

  22. piaseohyun says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhh sakit ng puson ko 😀
    Sundan na agad agad hahaha
    Thanks sis Sara 🙂

  23. Nina says:

    Wahhhh bakiit ganito!! haha buti d binangungot ang mga ito hahaha..

    Yun tipong nasa peak na! sabay shet naiihi ako haha. Omygosh!!!

    Huli man sa pagbabasa.. naliligayahan pa rin wehehehe

  24. Akawntant says:

    Titillatingly crazy hahaha…nice one…you got me thinking…ano ba ito ang gulo same lang hahaha…I was even tempted to close it…but then somewhere in the deep recesses of my whatever I knew there’s a catch so I continue…and voila! there is indeed.. Very imaginative and creative hahaha…galing!

  25. lirahc2014 says:

    just discovered your blog..and it is very tempting. i know i will enjoy every minute reading..as i already miss the tandem of RY and JSM and everything that’s happening between them..reading your stories would make up for the times i have missed them…

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