The Player – Chapter 3 (Uncut Version) by Author Ricci









Note: I, SaraSidle, don’t own this story. Credit to Ricci. ^_^

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18 Responses to The Player – Chapter 3 (Uncut Version) by Author Ricci

  1. charmtaz24 says:


  2. purplephoenix says:

    thanks sis! nice one, uncut!!!! credit to Ricci….

  3. chobangs says:

    what a very good idea to put the uncut versions here!!!

    😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. Ludy Sajol says:

    it’s well written & well thought of posting the uncut version here,,thank you!!!!!!!!!!!take care

  5. MzRayMaude says:

    this is the real meaning of uncut version….so CAPTIVATING and so COMPLETE…BUSOG talaga ang utak at kamalayan after reading this. congratulations to the writer….RICCI..(.i feel so disrespectful addressing you with only RICCI…you deserved something like MADAME or YOUR HONOR…)

    • Ricci says:

      Thanks. [blushes]. Naku, wag naman madam or your honor… I feel like Lola Basyang, the story teller. Hehehe…

      • rambler2013 says:

        ganito pala pag sinabing “uncut”,,,the player has been my favorite in EB…buti nalang nag decide ako mag create ng blog sa wordpress and search for BCWMH fanfic…sobrang galing…thanks for the story Ricci!!!….

      • Ricci says:

        Thanks. Uncut = unabridged or raw. Only posted here in TNS (for matured/ adult audience only).

        The version in EB was already edited, cut some scenes that are rated PG.

  6. piaseohyun says:

    Love love love thanks Ricci 🙂

  7. piaseohyun says:

    Awwww! More uncut pls 😀

  8. Ricci says:

    Yooohooo Sara, thanks for the space. Really appreciate it.

  9. hanah6181 says:

    This was a very well written chapter. Ang Ganda. Congrats to you Ricci

  10. roxygirl5 says:

    Ang GALING SOBRA… thanks for this 🙂

  11. annegm says:

    Thank you so much ❤ 🙂

  12. Very well written~! Ganda po. 😉

  13. Bless Castro says:

    Thank you Ricci for sharing the link and thank you Sara for being generous in allowing this to posted here!

  14. Akawntant says:

    All I can say is…”sigh….”

  15. sandra says:

    Thanks Sara and thank you Ricci! Amazing piece, the whole Player series. Love it! Can’t wait for more 🙂

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