After Dark: Missing and Wanting


1st day home.

They haven’t seen each other for over 4 months now and when she got home he was on a business trip.

She only has 5 days off and will be on flights again for the next 3 months.


2nd day home.

He called.

SC: I will try to go home today. We are still having problems here. I will let you know.

Maya: Miss na kita.

SC: I miss you too. You just don’t know how much.

Maya: Iniingatan ka ba ni Palmer?

He laughed.

Maya: I love you SC.

SC: I want you Maya.

She thought his answer was odd. She let it go.


3rd day, she was getting cranky.

The smell of him on their bed was intoxicating. Then she saw his favorite vneck shirt and grey pajamas.

Maya: Haaay I guess this will do.

She wore the tshirt and pajamas. She hugged herself and smelled the fabric.

Maya: Ugh! Wished you were here.


4th day.

She wore his long-sleeve the entire day. People in the house did not dare to question it.


Night time. 11PM.

Someone knocked.

She opened the door and was welcomed with  a surprised look from him.

SC: (Shit, she’s wearing my pajamas.)

Maya: SC!!! 

SC: I was supposed to surprise you but…..

Maya: But what?

She noticed he was glued to what she was wearing.

Maya: Oh this? I missed you so much, isinuot na lang kita. Hihihi


There was something about seeing her wearing his shirt and his pajamas. He suddenly felt aroused. Hot and heavy. Hungry.

SC: Get off my pajamas.

Maya: Sorry naman. Napaka attached mo naman sa pajamas na to. Miss lang naman kita kaya ko isinuot eh. Hmph.

SC: Get off my pajamas.

Maya: Eto na huhubarin na. Punta lang ako sa banyo.

SC: You don’t understand. I want you to get off my pajamas. Now.

Maya: Eto na nga! Magbibihis na.

SC: Maya, dear, I. want. you. to. take. off.your.clothes. I don’t care if it is my pajamas. I don’t care about that. I want you now. So get naked because I missed you sooooo much. Intiendes?

Maya: Ooooh. Sana kasi sinabi mo agad.

SC: What did I say kanina pa?

Maya: Uhm, sabi ko nga.

The moment she took off the pajama she immediately felt him inside her.

She: You know, I didn’t say “come in” yet.

He thrusts deeper and said,

He: “Knock, knock” 


5th day.

They never left the room the entire day.


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41 Responses to After Dark: Missing and Wanting

  1. Nefertiry says:

    Short, hot and sexy!!!

  2. Em says:

    you know, you entertain me in Parallel Universe, but i like it best when you write the Maya and SC fanfic in your own signature sizzling way! dun kasi sumasakit ang dibdib ko 😦 but here, nabubuhay mo ang puso at dugo ko hahahah! i sooo love your series you dont know how much!!!

    • csizoe says:

      Awwww na touch naman ako.

      Thank you.

      Wala akong masabi, nahihiya tuloy ako.

      But thank you for reading my stories. ^_^ glad you liked it.

  3. canistel says:

    “5th day. They never left the room the entire day.”

    The fun never stops. Ahahahahahahah! Partey partey sila sa loob lol. XD And I can imagine Maya wearing his clothes. Ang cute lang eh. 😉

  4. purplephoenix says:

    nung nakita ko ang 5th day parang may kasunod pa. hahaha! the details, enough to wake us up. hahaha.

  5. Betchay says:

    Ms Sara dapat may sagot yong knock knock sa susunod . Mahabahaba yon buong araw ba naman. Hi hi hi adik lang.

  6. Jen says:

    hahaha, natuwa ako dun sa 5th day.. gawan na ng sequel ‘to hehe. thanks csizoe! 🙂

  7. agentscully says:

    Eto ang tinatawag na “quickie” hahaha love it !

  8. alpha says:

    Aww, i bet bitin sila kahit the whole day pa sila on the 5th day. dahil four months ba nmang wala then three months ulit after na mawawala. kawawa naman sila… (*wink, wink)…..hindi ka ba naawa sa kanila…(*wink, wink)

  9. Alpha says:

    ah, eh, mga more days of togetherness & more than a day of not leaving the room. hehehe…at saka maawa ka rin sa amin. 🙂

  10. Frances says:

    Nakakaloka… Maya wearing SC’s pajama was so hot. I wonder what they did on the 5th day (just playing innocent so you can supply us with the details hehe) More pls! 🙂

  11. Kat says:

    ayun eh. soooooooo hot! winner ka talaga!

  12. fishkeeper03 says:

    Wiiii! I liked the idea of her in his pajamas. I do that when I do that!

  13. Nina says:

    Maasahan talaga si Palmer haha.

    Feel ko nun pag tapos ng 5th day wala na silang lakas haha kaya biglang napa SL pareho at tumuloy hanggang 7th day ang kasiyahan! Haha

  14. Ricci says:

    They never left the room the entire day Yay! Hmm, did they play hooky? Baka natulog lang naman. Napagod eh. Hahaha. Grabeh makapag stir up the imagination ha. Bitin, bitin… Next na agad! Lol~

  15. charmtaz24 says:

    ang bilis talaga ni SC! ang liksi!
    pano ba yan, i’m wearing a plain white V-neck shirt and gray pajamas din…
    will he come KNOCKING? LOL!!

    nice one Sara! napapaisip kami on what really happened sa day 5 na yan! hhahahahaha!

  16. iamyeyenG says:

    i missed your stories sis! it maybe short but so full of ———-ENERGY! hehehehe

  17. piaseohyun says:

    Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Jusme! I want you now ganern awwwwwwwwww!

  18. Ludy Sajol says:

    talaga lang ha soooooooooo hooooooooottttttt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. nanette says:

    your stories are so hot, but entertaining, i wear my husbands boxer shorts from time to time, but seldom “knock, knocks” .. ha ha ha. maybe i’ll wear pajamas instead? 😉

  20. bluemonsterr says:

    Describe naman po yung happenings sa 5th day hahaha!

  21. wala pang bago sis? hehe……

  22. binky says:

    next chapter please…

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