After Dark: Razor and Cream

I will be out tomorrow til Tuesday, you know, Mother’s Day and all. So here nalang muna. Na inspired lang ako sa sagot ni RY sa LiveChat nila so eto.


She’s shaving her legs again.

Tsk. I don’t want to go there otherwise I might do something. She usually gets mad everytime I interrupt that “ritual” of hers. Last time I interrupted her, she went to work with one shaved leg.  I could have sworn, she was ready to kill me when she got home that night but glad I have Abby to shield me.

Heh. Imagine, her leg on the sink with her butt sticking out. Razor running up her leg. Wearing nothing but towel.


The bathroom door opened.

Maya:  Don’t even think about it.

SC: What? I am not doing anything?

Maya: Yes, but you are about to.

SC: What?

Maya: Don’t act so naive. You know what I am talking about.

SC: Well, I am actually here to help you.

Maya: Really?

SC: Yup, really.

Maya: What do you mean by “help”?

SC: I can do the shaving for you.

Maya: Something tells me that, that will be most illogical.

SC: How can that be illogical?

Maya: Feeling ko kasi counter productive yun. Remember the last time? Hindi ko pa nakakalimutan iyon!

SC: ….

Maya: Labas ka na.  Dinidistract mo ako. Kita sa mukha mong may iba kang plano!

SC: What plan? Or you will be distracted by this?

Bigla naman naghubad ng tshirt si SC and began to flex.

Maya: That will not work, sorry.

SC: Yeah? Eh bakit namumula ka?  Come on.

Then SC grabbed her right leg and run his palms on it. Feeling the smoothness of her newly shaved leg.

SC: Hmmmmm.

Sabay kagat sa binti.

Maya: Ouch! Ayan! Ayan! Yan ang sinasabi ko!

SC: Nakakagigil talaga itong legs mo! Hmmmmmm.

Maya: Stop it! And just so you know I am done with my right leg.

SC: Ok then I will work on your left. Sit.

She saw his eyes burning. She knows there is no point of arguing because once he set his mind into doing something, he usually wins. With a sigh of defeat, she sat on the toilet bowl.

He took her left leg and slowly puts shaving cream on it.

Maya: I-she-shave lang ha!

SC: Promise! Shave lang.

He did.

But unfortunately for Maya, the way he was shaving her leg created a different sensation on her part. An all too familiar pleasure that made her wanting something more. I mean, the person shaving her leg was already half naked. His hands were suspiciously extra careful, extra light with the razor and more gentle.

Every touch from him created an eletricity jolting her to her core.

Maya: (Oh dear Maya, you are losing this battle. But that is the point isn’t? I hate you SC!)

And when he was done, he wiped her leg and followed it with trails of kisses.

Shit. Fine!

Maya: Uhm, dapat after shaving di ba.. minamassage dapat?

Napataas naman ang kilay ni SC.

SC: Oh really?

Maya: Yes, really.

SC: Ok.

He massaged both legs that intensified whatever she was feeling.

SC: O bakit pinapawisan ka?

Maya: Uhm… ano mainit.

He interpreted it differently though, after all he knows Maya all too well.

SC: (She meant NAGIINIT, Hmmmm)

Suddenly, he  placed her feet on his bulging manhood.


She felt it. Hard and ready.

SC: My JOB is finished, how about you finish yours.

Hot and ready, she did. They did.


SC: You know, you can shave mine if you want.

Maya: Hala! (Namula)

SC: My facial hair! Ang naughty mo!

Maya: ….. (Shy)

SC: Well, and THAT too, if you want. (Evil grin)

 Both laughed with the other one covering her face.



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11 Responses to After Dark: Razor and Cream

  1. charmtaz24 says:


  2. mhaihattori says:

    hahaha…ginoo…pakibuhusan ako ng tuuuuuubbbbiiiiiiiiiiiiiggggggggggggggg

  3. zerronine says:

    Boom!!! Boom!!! Boom!!!

    Happy Morher’s Day To You🌹
    Enjoy (Evil grin)

    God Bless

  4. Nina says:

    Jusme!!! >____<

    Happy Mother's Day!

  5. eijoj20 says:

    nak ng tinola ka talaga sis…..ang taba talaga ng utak mo lahat nalang hehe…..Happy Mothers’ Day ha! 🙂

  6. Betchay says:

    HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY. Bilib naman ako sa iyo pati pagshave nang legs nagawa mong sexy. Keep it coming

  7. Honeydew says:

    Nakita ko legs ni maya sa LA show, ang kiniiiiiis, bagong shave pala yon. Hahahah. SC talaga oh!….Happy Mother’s Day ❤

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