The New Members (Smut – NSFW)

WARNING: This is a Smut. If you like subtleties, please skip this, I beg you. For MATURE err I mean NAUGHTY audiences only.

Words of Wisdom: ” If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”


“Mile High Club”

Maya’s words lingered on.

After Maya told him about her “fantasy”, he couldn’t help but think about it day and night.

She never actually challenged him about it. He was the one who asked about the ” fantasy” in the first place, but he will not brush her off on this one. How could he?

SC: Ok Maya, Challenge Accepted! Operation: MHC

He said to himself. Determined and confident.

One of the perks of being an FA’s husband is free airlines tickets. He can book any flight, any day , any time. He has all of Maya’s schedule so he searched for that perfect flight to fulfill his mission. He found one.

Flight TA1014 MNL – NRT
11:15PM. First Class.

SC: Red Eye flight.  Perfect.

You see, good thing about booking a red eye flight is, konti tao, maraming espasyo at higit sa lahat, halos lahat ng pasahero ay tulog. He could use that time and “space” to his advantage.

NAIA Terminal 3, Gate 10, Boarding Area.

Maya: Good evening welcome aboard Time Airways.

Passenger: Thank you.

Maya: Good evening welcome aboard Time………


Maya: (What are you doing here?)

He just smiled.

Maya: Airways.

SC: Thank you.

SC just walked casually and looked for his seat while Maya darting a dark look on his back.

Maya: (Bakit nandito siya at hindi sinabi sa akin? Ano gagawin niya sa Japan?)

First class was almost empty with only 5 people on board including SC. Seating at the window seat at the very back of a deserted First Class, he smiled and said:

SC: Everything is according to plan, I see.

Altitude: 27,000

It’s time. Everyone was asleep.  Maya was assigned as C2, handling First Class. SC pushed the call button. Maya expected it already.

Maya: Yes Sir how can I help you?

She said nonchalantly.

SC: Ah yes, I can’t sleep so I need a drink, wine maybe?

Maya: Ok, be back in a moment Sir.

She went back with a bottle of wine and a glass.

Maya: Here you go Sir, would you like me to pour it for you?

SC: Yes  please.

While Maya is pouring the wine, his hand suddenly caressed her thigh that made her jump.

SC:  You know, I’m bit lonely, since I am travelling alone, maybe you can keep me company?

Maya: (Oh I get it. First Class, Red Eye Flight. How  can you be so stupid Maya? Of course!)

She let him do whatever he was doing  but she did not let him get away with it.

Maya then purposely spilled the wine on his thigh.


Maya: Oh, I am so sorry Sir. Here let me clean it for you.

She gently dab napkins to clean the mess she made. Purposely focusing on his growing Venti. ^_^

SC:(Ok, Maya game on.) Oh don’t worry, you know, you don’t need to wipe that out. I was about to offer you some wine.

Maya: (Oh, Aren’t you clever)

SC: Would you like a sip?

She smiled.

Maya: Ok Sir, if you insist.

Lumuhod si Maya sa harapan ni SC, si SC naman tiningnan ang buong paligid just to be sure that the coast is clear. Tumango siya kay Maya.

She unzipped his pants and positioned herself. She teases him first by licking the tip of his head. He moaned. And then without any warning she puts her mouth on his.


SC: How was the wine?

Maya: Well Sir, we do provide our customers with fine wines and this one is actually very good. I didn’t know that THIS wine is considered as HARD liquor.

And then she continued. Pleasure is now rising hot and hard. With the coldness of the plane, SC was sweating.

Out of pleasure, he thrusts his hips, sensually clashing with Maya’s wet hot mouth.

Maya: In a hurry, Sir?

SC: I am…… just enjoying the…..service you are providing.

Then he felt her tongue move around playing his hardness.  He bit his lips hard and gripped the armrest trying to suppress a moan.
He savored the sensation and when he couldn’t take it any longer, he reached his peak and came, she swallowed everything.

SC: (Oh dear goodness.)

She saw the shock on his face, he couldn’t believe she just did that.

Maya: Well, we don’t want another spillage do we?

SC: You are very good at wiping and cleaning the mess I made, maybe you need to sit down.

She did.

SC: Can you POUR me with your finest wine?

Maya: Sure Sir…………Chief.

It is now his turn. He moved down, took of her panties and lift her waist, repositioning her. He took both her legs and placed his head in between.

Maya breath deeply and readied herself.

SC licked both cheeks then her clit.

Maya whimpered. And then he deepened. Maya in return, holds SC head for support.

SC: Now this wine sure does go well with T-BONE STEAK.
And then he inserted his tongue in her.


She lost control and rocked her hips until she came.

She slumped on her seat breathing heavily and said.

Maya: I think we need to TOAST to that.

He got it.

SC: Where do you want to toast?

She leans and whispered.

Maya: Follow me in the lavatory.

Since everyone was sleeping she did not care if they both entered the lavatory at the same time.

After closing the door she sat on the sink, hold on to the wall and with no words, he just entered her, thrusts in her,hard then faster and faster until both climaxed and came.

Both gave a happy groan and hugged each other, a sense of blissful satisfaction washing through on both of them. A different pleasure on different altitude.

SC: Mission Complete.

Maya: You just can’t let go huh?

SC: No, and with that experience I want to be an ACTIVE member. Sayang ang MILES.

He smiled then he kissed her and whispered.

SC: Oh and  advance Happy Birthday Maya.




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39 Responses to The New Members (Smut – NSFW)

  1. OMG I want to be an ACTIVE member too……hehe…..superb…..two thumbs sis…..hehe……lupetttttt….

  2. seattlepinay says:

    ………………………………………………… 😀

  3. Envy16 says:

    ZOMG that was really hot!!! Haha never knew Maya can be a good girl gone bad! But of course, only with Ser Chief! Hehehe! (which reminds me of Jodi’s cameo role in My Amnesia Girl, where one of JLC’s friends [I think it was Ketchup?] said ‘dinala ka nun sa langit pare’, and coincidentally, JSM portrayed a stewardess din! I bet this one is even better than that one! Maya brought SC to heaven right there and then! MNL to NRT? More like MNL to Heaven if you’d ask SC xD). Anyways, the scene where Maya ‘accidentally’ spilled the wine, reminds me of the scene in Britney’s toxic! I can just imagine Maya doing that to SC! Whew!!
    aside from the smexy foreplay, I’d like to thank you for putting the dirty convo!! I think the part where SC said it goes well with the t-bone steak is one of the best lines you’ve ever written!
    Yeah, maybe I still have to get over the fact that Maya is not the resident nanny anymore but she’s already a fully pledged FA!
    Your updates keep on getting better! Keep it up! 😀

    • csizoe says:

      I had to edit it as per your request. Malakas ka sa akin eh lol. ^_^

      Thanks also. Seeing all your comments inspires me to write more. Glad you liked it. ^_^

  4. Nina says:

    Nag iinit ang gabi!!! 🙂

  5. thids09 says:

    Nbuhay ang ktwang lupa k bgla…hahahaha

  6. _keRzie_ says:

    Wow! The night just turned HOTTER! 🙂

  7. stalker50 says:

    Hanep! Pano ko makakatulog nito??? Buhay na buhay ang diwa ko!! Grabe ka sis!

  8. charmtaz24 says:

    i would like to take a sip din! maybe slurping it is better!! hahahahaha!!! another JOB well done! You just keep on BLOWing us away! 😉

  9. zerronine says:

    Oh my oh my oh my what the hell you just did to us… Hindi ako magtataka if we crave for it sa mga susunod na mga araw hehehehejustkidding

    • csizoe says:

      Ano ang i-cra-crave me, paki explain in details. Hehehehe. Thanks Student, I hope may natutunan kang bago. HIhihi

      • zerronine says:

        Hehehe alam mo na yun no need fir further explanation..

        Syempre nman lage ka kasing may hatid na bago na talaga namang kasunok subok… Good job and more smut stories!!!! Am enjoying it hehehe sila din pala mga other fans mo..

  10. bananakyut says:

    Ikaw na! Ikaw lang ang dapat sisihin kung bakit weird ang pagkakatingin ngayon ng officemates ko saken! Hahaha! Good job! Please don’t stop writing. You could go far.. 🙂 Oh! and what about Sir Chief’s fantasy? 🙂

  11. Karendear says:

    Hahaha cute and naughty. Love it!!!!

  12. sta says:

    Pa-request ako sis… medyo nahihiya ako sabihin pero eto sasabihin ko na nga. Hihihi. I have an idea sa Dark series mo, yun bang matagal silang di magkikita tapos sa phone nila gagawin. You know what I mean sis? Hihihi. Thank you 🙂

  13. Pia says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww! jusmeeeeeeeeeee!

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