Reaction on Epi: April 18

If EYESEX can only make babies, buntis na si Maya for sure!

There I said it.



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32 Responses to Reaction on Epi: April 18

  1. charmtaz24 says:


  2. bananakyut says:

    ahahahaha! you really have to blurt it out huh..haha! i was hoping for a new story before i hit the sack..but i guess what you said will be enough—for tonight! 🙂

    • csizoe says:

      Lol. Yes hindi ko napigilan. And tomorrow either morning or gabi, depends on my mood, will post new story. Promise ^_^

      • bananakyut says:

        sweet! i’m sooo looking forward to it! but no pressure, will be patiently waiting for it. i’m sure it’s worth the wait naman. night! 🙂

  3. Nina says:

    Hahaha true! Sapul na sapul!

  4. itsmekhaye12 says:

    At madaming babies na! 😉

  5. seattlepinay says:

    I’m curious about “eyesex” ang babies. LMAO!!!!! Care to elaborate on that? This time don’t spare the details 😉

  6. honeydew says:

    tama…hahaha sa tingin pa lang ni daddy pogi , parang hinuhubaran na si Maya :))

  7. ruthie2013 says:

    i totally agree sis! si SC kahit sa earlier episodes pa lang ng bcwmh nakakatunaw talagang tumingin. even sa shows nila when ry plays for the audience, iba ang stare nya kaya naman nakakaconscious on jodi’s part, hahaha! talent ata nya yan. he expresses himself with his eyes. talaga naman kung ako ang titigan ng ganyan, deadz and di ko alam if marerevive pa ako.

    sis looking forward to your new installments of after dark, even darker (or baka meron pang darkest, hahaha!) series, pati na rin yun subtle on leave series.

    your blog, like eb, makes me so happy. nakakagv everyday, salamat salamat!

    • csizoe says:

      Ay sis kung ako titigan ng ganyan ni SC, baka 12 na anak namin, for sure! Thanks SIs, will post new story later. ^_^

      • ruthie2013 says:

        I’ve read the new stories na sis. I love the fifty shades part, pursue mo na yan. much awaited na naman for sure. i love your approach. naughty, mature pero not offensive to me at all. *thumbs up*
        im a lurker at pex din, kakatuwa yun new thread. ang kukulit nyo.

      • csizoe says:

        Haha sige, mukhang maraming nagrerequest ng mala 50 shades ha. Alam na! Hehe sige naka line up na yan.

        Bulsa ni SC pinagdidiskusyunan kaya LUMALABAS ang TALINO AT GALING nila eh. ^_^

  8. zerronine says:

    OH MY GEE…
    Just found out of your blogsite and you already captured me.. I love it!!!

    For that i followed you right away.
    I am amaZed on how good you are in writing especially the way you add spice on your stories…. NAUGHTY!!!!
    Hoping for more stories to come…

  9. Jenny Carandang says:

    I am so happy to discover this fanfic site. My new addiction! Thank you! (“,)

  10. Pink15 says:

    Nakabook-mark na Tlaga ang page Ito!!!! 🙂

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