Scenario: Happened after Abby’s Graduation

SC just received the package he’s been waiting for. He opened it immediately and just awed at what he saw.

SC: Wow.

Their “Family Picture”, during Abby’s graduation, inside an elegant picture frame.

Seeing his children with Maya on the same frame is like winning a lotto. That is how precious this 5″ X 7″ frame is for him. For now.

SC: Would it be great if next will be our wedding picture? (Talking to Maya on the picture)

SC: Hmmm Now where do I put this?  Sa Master’s Bedroom na lang.

He then proceeded to his room and put the picture on the lamp table.

SC: Hmmm. Tsk. No. Mas maganda siguro kung sa office ko sa baba, tutal lagi akong nandun, stress ako and this will be a good stress reliever.

Nagpunta naman siya agad sa office nya.

SC: Hmm, sa table? Sa picture cabinet?

SC: Sa table na lang para lagi kong makikita. Kung sa picture cabinet kasi hindi ko makikita kasi lagi akong nakatalikod.

SC: But what if the office ko na lang sa LAS?

He is getting annoyed at himself for he couldn’t make a simple decision.

SC: But this is not that simple. This is gold!

SC: Think Richard, think!

Then a moment of realization.

SC: Damn it, why didn’t I think of that.

Goes to Nikki’s room.

Nikki: Dad?

SC: Uhm Nikki do you still have the copy of Abby’s graduation pictures? Including the one took by the official photographer?

Nikki: Ah yes Dad, it is on my USB pa. Here oh.

SC: Thanks Nikki. (Smiles)

Pumunta ng garage.

MF: O Ricardo saan ka pupunta?

SC: May importante lang akong lakad, sandali lang naman po iyon. I’ll be quick.

MF: O, sige mag-ingat ka ha.

At the Mall. Photo Center.

SC: I want you to print this. 2 copies please.

Crew: Ok po Sir.

SC: And also kindly put it on that frame. Both of them. (Pointing to an elegant brown frame)

Crew: Ok Sir. It will take an hour po. Balik na lang po kayo.

SC: Ok. Thanks. Uhm also nagpri-print ba kayo ng picture from iPhone?

Crew: Ah yes Sir.

He then searched his phone looking for one particular picture then handed it to the crew. He showed the crew the stolen picture of maya during Nikki’s prom.

Crew: Wife ninyo po Sir?

SC: He smiled. (Soon to be wife actually)

The crew copied the file and handed it to SC.

Crew: Lalagay din po ba sa frame? Ano pong size?

SC: Yes please. Iyan 4R tapos yung family picture 5R.

Crew: Ok, sige po Sir, wait ninyo na lang po.

Later after getting the copies…

SC: Good job Richard, now you have this family picture on your lamp table, one in your office and one in your LAS office. And this one picture right here (Maya’s picture) will be hidden on your drawer. For your eyes only Richard, for your eyes only.




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13 Responses to Dilemma

  1. Sta says:

    Nice, ang galing mo talaga sis! 🙂 so, kailan ang labas ng even darker or after dark series mo?cant wait!!! Thank you!!! Good job! Haha

  2. wowwww galing may continuation pa po ba to hehe…..cute….. :)luv it

  3. seattlepinay says:

    Awwwww so sweeeeett! He’s in love! 😀

  4. mrsacc says:

    awwww… i could feel the love. 🙂

  5. teamSIMON says:

    Kilig;) very nice story.. sana may next chapter….

  6. Nina says:

    Kilig overload in a short span 🙂

    Hoping to have a next chapter?

  7. csizoe says:

    Thank you mga Sis! Hmmmm sige will try to continue this story. It was meant to be one shot pero try ko sige. Malakas kayo sa akin eh. ^_^

  8. sta says:

    hmm mukhang masarap yang ingredients mo ha. gusto ko yan. ^_^

  9. bananakyut says:

    just discovered your site the other day..and i had it bookmarked na sa phones ko..you are superly over duperly good! great stories! keep ’em comin’.. ^_^

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