After Dark: Airplanes and Quarters

Another super short story. I will expand on this I promise. I’m just in the middle of writing On Leave 4. Thanks. ^_^

Maya: Mile. High. Club.

Tumaas naman ang kilay ni SC.

Maya: But not in the typical set up na sa lavatory ng airplane. I want it sa ……. (whispers) COCK…..pit.

SC: You know, I can easily get us a plane and do what you want.

Maya: Well, that is a bit easy. Walang challenge. You see part of the excitement of what I am saying is, consciously you know na bawal siya kasi you are in a commercial plane with possibly more than a 100 people on board, unlike an empty plane, walang excitement. Somehow…….. I want them to hear.



Maya: You asked! Kaya nga “Fantasy” eh. Eh ikaw ba? Ano ang fantasy mo?

SC: Hmmmm, to be honest? To do it sa Maid’s quarters. Ever since,  I always wanted to DO you there.

Then in whisper,
SC: Wearing your old nanny uniform.

Maya: Yun lang?

SC: Well since you mentioned “Challenge”, while tulog si Manang Fe.


Maya: Well obviously we can’t do it there now. But I can wear my old nanny uniform. (Teases)

SC: So what are you waiting for? You go ahead and do that! I will be here waiting…… wearing nothing. (Evil grin)

While waiting, he gets his laptop checked her schedule and book a flight at Time Airways.

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17 Responses to After Dark: Airplanes and Quarters

  1. RMR61 says:

    so ito na ba ang niluluto mo sarasidle? aba’y mainit nga itoooo!!!! kelan ang release nito? ng maitodo ang aircon! LOL

  2. so bitin lang ito ang peg hehe….cute….next po please 🙂

  3. csizoe says:

    By the way, thank you mga sis for reading. Kaya ako inspired magsulat dahil sa inyo. Aaaeeeiiiiii. ^_^

  4. kiten says:

    weee another one yey! ang hot ng monday ko 😛

    • csizoe says:

      ^_^ Bitin ba yung sa butt? I want to know kung ok sa iyo. ^_^

      • kiten says:

        actually i thought it would be like just playfully pinching Sc’s butt lang but you made it so damn hot! so def it’s waaaay more than hot lol ;D reminded me of some gsr fics i’ve read 😉 love love love !

  5. seattlepinay says:

    Haha!! I was waiting for someone to connect the milehigh club idea! You win the prize!! There’s been a really good role play one written by Sharpie long time ago. So far you 2 are the only ones who’s used the aviation connection in their fanfics. Like the bold Maya too! I am soooo waiting for this! Lol!

    • csizoe says:

      Matagal ko na siyang iniisip kaya lang I am thinking of how to approach it. Ginigisa ko pa. Basta. I mean impossibleng matapos ang serye ng walang gantong fanfic. Tama ba? Hihihihi ^_^

      And to be honest ang maging member niyan ang isa sa bucket list ko. Hahaha

  6. this is 4x to read this FF hope and this is really amazing 🙂 hope that you post the next chapter na! please thank u 🙂

  7. lirahc2014 says:

    ang init ng gabi nito!!!!!! whewwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!

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