After Dark: Insecurities and Assurance

Super duper short. And I am soooooooo sorry SeattlePinay. Ikaw ang inspiration nito. ^_^


SC: Maya

Maya: SC?

SC: Uhm, are you happy .. I mean in bed, are you happy with me?

Maya: Did I show any indication that I am not?

SC: Well to be honest I heard that girls can fake it. If you know what I mean.

Maya: Well I don’t know about them but I am pretty sure I never faked anything. Alam mo namang honest ako. Hmmmm, what is wrong?

SC: Uh. Nothing. I guess I just want to know.

Maya:  Ok.


SC: What about my size?

Maya: (Rolled her eyes) Where is this freaking insecurities coming from? Besides wala yun sa size noh. Nasa performance yun.

SC: So ibig mong sabihin, maliit?

Without hesitation, she cupped his manhood and acts as if sizing it.

Maya: On the contrary SC, Venti!

SC: Venti?

Maya: Yes, venti! Hindi ka tall, hindi ka grande. VENTI ka.

She then kissed his lips then walks away.

With renewed confidence, he smiled, faced the mirror and flexed.

SC: Venti ako!

Then runs to follow Maya and said:

SC: Maya! Gusto mo ng kape?! Yung venti?



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36 Responses to After Dark: Insecurities and Assurance

  1. seattlepinay says:

    Oh my goodness! !!!!!!!!!!!! Ahahaha!!!!! Why do I feel like I’m connected to SC now? I love it! Thanks!

    • csizoe says:

      Ayan at least kapag venti, alam mo na ha! LOL

      • seattlepinay says:

        Did you my my comment sa PEX? How am I supposed to keep a straight face when I order my morning coffee sa Starbucks? LOL! The baristas at my normal Starbucks all know me kasi daily ako doon. I might have an outburst and they’ll wonder what the heck is wrong with me. Ikaw ang ituturo ko ha! ahahahahahaha!

        I’ll have an ICED, VENTI, 1 SPLENDA, NO ROOM ESPRESSO please. Such a normal morning routine for me that will never be “normal” again. 🙂

    • mypurpleheart08 says:


  2. mypurpleheart08 says:


  3. RMR61 says:

    ok ok i’ll be honest….sa ika 3rd read pa bago ako nag comment! pinag-isipan ayaw pabuking….hahahhaa! aylabeeet!!!!

  4. Pretty_kity82 says:

    this is my first time to read and visit your site… OM…I always remember Ms. Sharpie’s fanfic everytime I see a banana and now I will remember yours when I drink/buy a coffee in the coffeeshop..hahahahaha!!!

  5. Sta says:

    Paorder nga po ng VENTI! Yung masarap! :)))))))

  6. 123 says:

    Nagsusulat po ba ulit kayo now? Can’t wait! Hehehe!

  7. csizoe says:

    Lol. Na pressure naman ako. Sige surprise na lang kita.

  8. csizoe says:

    Sis seattlepinay basta ingat ka lang PAGHIGOP NG VENTI ha! Lol

  9. Pink15 says:

    I think I should order the venti size of frappucino… Haha! naughty. I love the writings straight-forward, mature and exciting. At Hindi ako binibitin… 🙂

  10. kiten says:

    and another one? omgee haha winner ka talaga! short but hot and def funny, more please 😀

  11. honeydew says:

    mahilig ako sa grande, pero mag venti na rin ako !:)) pramiiiiis.

  12. ruthie2013 says:

    before i left to meet some friends kanina, dumaan ako dito and binasa ko yun “even darker”. hayun tagal ko nakalma… kaya nalate ako ng more than 1 hour for our meeting coz i need to re read some eb stories para maalis sa isip ko yun pinagagawa ni sc. now im home and coincidentally i dropped by starbucks kasi i need my coffee fix since ill be reviewing tonight. i usually order grande, pero ngayon venti yun dala ko then i opened your site to find this new story. Oh Em GEe!!!! how can i look at or even drink this coffee in front of me now???!!!??? iba na ang napipicture ko.???

    i guess ill go back to grande next time, LOL!!!

    thanks for this series sis. i learned my lesson, read it lang pag walang lakad at kapag mag-isa lang sa room. i need to take a cold shower now, haha!

  13. Sta says:

    Pa-request po, hahaha! Ok rin yung naka-handcuffs si Sc. Tapos more on teasing teasing. Oh shit, hahaha ang hawwwt! :’)

  14. tapikaday says:

    read this ln the wee hours this morning. kaya nakaka-relate na ako sa thread when they talk about VENTI 😆 Oh, Ventiiiiiiii !!!

  15. Pia says:

    Awwwww venti ^^

  16. Di ko matiis hindi mag comment… How can I ever order a VENTI at starbucks again without thinking of Sir Chief’s venti??? Kakalokaaaa!!! I love your site! Grabeh!

  17. lirahc2014 says:

    naloka ako bigla sa VENTI na ito….ejoyed every minue reading your blogs since i started reading this afternoon…

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