After Dark: Problem and Solution

Matapos ang dinner nagpunta si SC sa kanyang office to make a final check of work related emails for tonight.

He was about to close his laptop when something caught his eye.

A folder on his email that says “Special Folder”

SC: Hmmmmm..

He clicked and saw all the emails from Maya during her trips. Hindi naman kasi nakakalimot si Maya na padalhan siya ng mga pictures during her trips abroad. He demanded it actually.

He smiled.

Then he saw one titled “Maldives Trip”.

He clicked it, wrong move. He saw pictures that he remembered causing him 4 sleepless nights. That stupid 2-piece blue swimsuit she’s wearing. My favorite color. That gorgeous body. That pursed lips, teasing me. That cleavage. That butt.

Eversince they got married kasi, Maya became more confident about her body. Well, lagi naman niyang pinapaalala kasi kay Maya that she is indeed sexy. He never fails to praise her and even whistles kapag dumadaan si Maya sa harap niya.

Looking at those pictures, he felt something that is all too familiar.

SC is usually a man of control but not with Maya. Somehow that THING between his thigh has its own master and it is not him. It is getting bigger now. Angry, needy and hot.


He stands up.

SC: That is it!

He closed his laptop and went to the kitchen.

Ah, there she is! The one causing this BIG problem of his. Talking and smiling to Doris and Sabel while I am here suffering?! I am angry damn it!

SC: I hate you Maya for doing this to me.Β  (He said to himself)

SC: Maya! (shouting)

Nagulat naman ang tatlo sa sigaw ni SC.

Maya: Oh, bakit? Ano nangyare? May problema ba?

Si Doris at Sabel naman ay dali daling nagrason.

Doris: Ah, eh naku eh, mag…. mag susuklay pa ako ng bangs ko, eh sige diyan ka na Maya. Goodnight po Sir Richard.

Sabel: Ay, eh ako mag ah, maghihiwa pa ako ng kutsilyo. Sige na Maya bye! Bye po Sir Richard.

Naiwan naman si Maya na nagtataka.

SC: Tsk. I have a big problem alright! And I need you to fix it! (He demands)

Maya: Huh? Anong problema?

SC: Basta! Tara sa kwarto!

Hinablot siya ni SC at dali dali siyang ipinasok sa kwarto.

Pagkapasok sa kwarto, pinakita ni SC kay Maya ang kanyang MALAKING problema.

She smiled.

Maya spent almost an hour “fixing” the “problem”.


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11 Responses to After Dark: Problem and Solution

  1. RMR61 says:

    Ibang klase ka! bwahahha!

  2. eijoj20 says:

    OMG ang galing….grabeh! kabaliw ka sis… it πŸ˜‰

  3. pink15 says:

    omg… hahahahah!!!! kakaibang problem yn… si maya lang talaga ang makaka-fix. πŸ™‚ light and funny!!! superlike.. πŸ™‚

  4. Ketchy says:

    hihihi πŸ˜€

  5. ghie2013 says:

    hehehe richard pag busy si maya pwedeng ako mag fix ng problem mo hehehe πŸ˜€

  6. teamSIMON says:

    Haha;)yun na!!

  7. miganne says:

    hahaha u already ….. problem pala SC ah! hehe

  8. Pia says:

    Hahaha kaloka problem yan ni SC

  9. canistel says:

    Alam na pag MALAKI ang problem hahahaha xD

  10. lirahc2014 says:

    talaga namang malaki ang problema..hahahaha paano ba ginawan ng paraan?????

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