Length: One shot.

We have been married for over 5 months and all I can say is a WOW. I never felt like this before. Maya is Maya. A perfect wife and mother. My kids are happy with her. I am happy with her.

But I got to confess something.

You know, Maya can be really shy in bed. Naalala ko pa noong honeymoon namin, hiyang hiya siya sa akin after we made love. Namula yata siya buong gabi at noong pagkasiging namin, all she did was cover her face. She is somewhat shy about her image. Little did she know, her body is like that of a goddess. She is sexier than those on the cover of magazines.

Excited ako laging umuwi from work because the thought of her on our bed keeps me alive and young. And I know that pag gabi na akin lang siya wala akong kahati, walang Abby, Nikki or Luke. Call it sellfish I don’t care. She is mine. Only mine.

In bed she never complains naman but I can sense that she was always nervous whenever we are making love. Of course I always tell her to relax and it will be ok. She will relax alright, well, obvious naman when later I get to hear her moan. Ah that moaning. That voice. (ok focus)

Despite having a great sex life a man can wish right?

It is just that, I’m always the one who does the work. She was reluctant to explore…… err explore me. I can understand, I mean being who she is.

Nobody really taught her anything about “it”.

On our 6th month I decided to treat her for dinner. She deserve it. I already planned it. We will go to Tagaytay, eat dinner at Antonio’s then an overnight stay at Taal Vista.

She ordered Angus Prime Ribeye Steak (good choice) and I ordered

Grilled Prime Porter House Steak.

Maya: Alam mo Chard, I remember during my training na bagay ang beef sa red wine. Pero hindi ko sinasabing mag red wine tayo ha, I am just saying.

SC: Well, too late for that Maya, I already ordered one.

As if on cue, dumating yung waiter with Tyrrell’s Old Winery Pinot Noir 2009.

Maya: Naku Chard, hindi mo ba naalala yung nangyare sa akin before, muntik pa nga akong masuka doon sa kotse eh.

SC: Don’t worry Maya, eto naman ako. And minsan lang tayo mag celebrate ng nasa labas, might as well enjoy it di ba? Please? If worse comes to worst, akong bahala sayo. Just celebrate with me please?

Maya: Hmm Sige na nga pero ngayon lang ito ha. Alam mo naman ako madaling malasing.

Ironically she liked the wine, ito yata ang weakness niya. Once started she can’t help but ask for more.

I can totally sense now that she is drunk, not tipsy, but drunk.

Check please! It was time to leave.

Grabe, kailangan ko pa talaga siyang alalayan palabas at makapasok sa kotse. And it was without ease. Well, I am just so distracted because she kept kissing me all over and mumbling things like “I love you SC” “Kiss tayo SC”. Oh dear, she is calling me SC again? Something is up. Yikes! Ricardo, ano itong pinasok mo?

Inside the car while I was driving, she placed her hand on my thigh. I swear to God, muntik na kaming mahulog sa bangin.

SC: Maya! Stop that! I can’t concentrate!

Maya: (Lasing) Ang sungit mo naman! Kalma ka lang, puso mo. Akong bahala sa iyo ngayon gabi.

SC: What? (Stunned) Jeez Maya you’ll be the death of me.

Maya: (Lasing) Gusto mo umpisahan na natin ngayon eh. (Sabay kiss sa neck ni SC)

SC: Maya! (Nagtitimpi)

Finally nakarating na rin kami sa hotel and immediately went to our room. Pagka lock ng pinto, Maya grabbed my collar and passionately kissed me. I saw her eyes burning with desire. Definitely a different Maya and to be honest I liked it.

I almost reached heaven when Maya bit my lip. Oh dear what is happening to this woman!

She hurriedly undress me and even undress herself and then pushed me in bed. She went on top of me. Ah, the sight of her is just amazing. And boy, he did many things to me that I am not at liberty to say but she definitely explored everything.

And then later she said “I NEED YOU”.

That did it! I rolled here so I was on top and took her right there and there. She bit my shoulder a couple of times and her nails scratched my back. It hurt the next day.

That was probably the most intense and amazing night of my life. I was introduced to this vixen. This temptress.

I guess I can say I did get my wish. I am probably the happiest man alive right now.

And don’t be surprised kung may makikita kayong maliit na wine cellar sa Master’s Bedroom. ^_^

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